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Jcons - the Japanese icon community

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What is jcons? The simple answer is that we are an icon community. More accurately, we are a community for sharing Japanese-themed icons. This could mean Jpop, Jrock, anime, manga, food, culture, fashion or anything else that comes from Japan. Just icons. Nothing else.

1. Respect the Rules set out by each person for their individual icons regarding credit, etc.
2. If you take an icon, download it, do not link from it's current location
3. We DO take requests, but you must make at least 3 icon posts before you do. (giving back to the community, yes?)
4. Show up to three (as in 3) icons as a teaser and put the rest behind an LJ cut, as a courtesy to the friend lists of those with slower modems.
5. Icons can be of anything Japanese. J Rock, J Pop, culture, anime, manga, anything so long as it comes from the country.
6. Icons only, please. If you want to post other things or advertisements, check out our affiliated communities. I will make a case by case exception for icon communities, if you contact me privately for permission first.
7. Please do not use fake cuts. Linking to your own icon journal is fine, but don't make it look like an LJ-cut to trick people. Just use a normal link.


Want to affiliate with this community? Talk to the mod, and we can exchange links.

image hosting sites

http://www.msn.com (create a 'group')

free font sites


As moderator, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to actually read all the way through the community's rules and userinfo. A lot of people don't, and that makes me sad. ;_; But you, friend, truly rock. <3

   nutmeg (lirimaer)
+d'espairs ray+, /\ucifer, acid android, aiko, aliene ma'riage, anime, asian kung-fu generation, aucifer, aya, aya matsuura, ayumi hamasaki, b'z, baiser, baroque, bastard!, blam honey, bleach, blood, bonnie pink, brilliant green, bubble gum crisis, buck-tick, cali=gari, camino, card captor sakura, chara, crystal kay, cutie honey, d'espairsray, d[di;], darkstalkers, dir en grey, doremidan, dragonball, due'le quartz, duel jewel, dué le quartz, ellegarden, evangelion, eve of destiny, every little thing, fairy fore, fake?, fatima, feel, gackt, gackt job, glay, globe, gravitation, gundam, guniw tools, hide, hyde, icons, iconses, inoran, j, j pop, j rock, janne da arc, japan, japanese culture, japanese music, jpop, jrock, judy and mary, kabuki, kagrra, kana, klaha, koda kumi, kra, közi, l'arc en ciel, l'arc~en~ciel, la'cryma christi, larein, lin clover, loddoss war, luci'fer luscious violenoue, luna sea, machine, madeth gray'll, magic knight rayearth, mai kuraki, malice mizer, mamono hunter yohko, mana, manga, merry, mini moni, miyavi, moi dix mois, morning musume, mr. children, mucc, namie amuro, nightmare, nookicky, oh my goddess, olivia, penicillin, pierrot, plastic tree, princess mononoke, psycho le cému, raphael, rice, ryuuchi, sads, sailor moon, schwarz stein, scissor, sex machineguns, shelly trip realize, shiina ringo, shinohara tomoe, shonen knife, smile dk, soap, sophia, speena, spiky, spread beaver, streetfighter, sugizo, syndrome, t.m.revolution, tetsu, tetsu69, the's, the back horn, the brilliant green, the pillows, tokyo ska paradise orchestra, tommy heavenly6, velvet eden, vidoll, visual kei, x japan, yaida hitomi, zigzo, zilch, zwei